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Drongo Bones is a unique badass outlaw first encountered during the mission Rough Love, at Outlands Canyon in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. He is initially friendly, but will become hostile during the course of the mission.


Drongo Bones is the second of Nurse Nina's suitors during the mission Rough Love. He is initially friendly to the Vault Hunters, and overjoyed by Nina's advances, but Nina instructs the Vault Hunters to test his strength by trying to kill him, at which point he becomes hostile.

After the mission, Drongo Bones will continue to spawn near the same location, and will be technically hostile, though he tends to ignore the Vault Hunters until fired upon.



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  • Drongo Bones has an increased chance of dropping the legendary Fatale submachine gun.


  • The word "drongo" is a mild insult in Australian and New Zealand English, used as a euphemism for a "stupid" person, and is also used in good-natured ribbing when a friend or acquaintance does something silly.