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Draco is a legendary combat rifle in Borderlands manufactured by S&S Munitions.

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Special Weapon Effects[]

Dragon Fire! – Incendiary x2-x4, increased magazine capacity, lower recoil, increased accuracy and increased chance to proc.

Usage & Description[]

All Dracos have an accuracy rating of 87 - 94, higher than most other Support Machine Guns and rivaling some sniper rifles. The Draco's Magazine has a minimum of 79 rounds and a maximum of 124 rounds. Finally, the Draco has a strong fire elemental accessory, at no cost to the damage output. The Draco does lack a bit of a punch, in the sense that it lacks any damage boost, unlike other uniques, or machine guns from other manufacturers.

The large magazine, strong elemental accessory and high accuracy make it one of the most versatile guns in the game. It's just as easy to clear a room full of bandits by emptying the clip with reckless abandon as it is to sit at medium (or even long range) and pick enemies off one-by-one.


Draco vs reg

Draco on top, normal incendiary S&S machine gun below. Notice the difference between the accessory parts (underneath the barrel)

  • The Draco is subject to a significant bug in the original release of Borderlands, where it does not possess its intended legendary rarity (instead appearing as a purple) and its name and flavor text do not display. This makes the Draco incredibly difficult to find, as it appears nearly identical to any other purple rarity S&S Munitions assault rifle featuring fire elemental damage (with the only immediately noticeable difference being the larger magazine size) This is a similar bug to what afflicted the Legendary Penetrator, which appeared as a purple, blue or green but not its intended Legendary, although the Penetrator was able to retain its name and flavor text.
    • The rarity and flavor text have been corrected in the 2019 Enhanced edition of Borderlands, where the Draco always drops as a legendary with its intended name.
  • The title S&S Draco does not always appear in game when the title is added using save editing programs.
  • Dracos that don't have the actual "Draco" title can benefit from even more recoil reduction (-40%) granted by the "Massacre" title in the original release of the game. This cannot apply to the Enhanced edition, where the Draco drops in its intended form.
  • Draco's accessory is based on the "Deathly" accessory instead of the common incendiary accessory (see "Mechanics" below for details). This makes it's accessory visually different from that of the common incendiary accessory. As the Deathly accessory and elemental damage are mutually exclusive on normal weapons, this allows for easy identification of a Draco with a simple inspection.


  • Keeping the Greek theme, Draco was a Greek legislator from Athens. He was known for creating a written code of laws with harsh punishment. From his name is derived the word "draconian," meaning unduly severe or punitive.
  • Draco is the Latin word for "dragon".


The Draco effect comes from the acc4_SandS_Draco_Incendiary accessory. It is based on acc4_Deathly, but also benefits from the fire effects of acc5_Incendiary. The Draco does not benefit from any Damage increase, but does not have a Damage penalty from the fire effect either. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

acc4_SandS_Draco_Incendiary acc4_Deathly acc5_Incendiary
Tech Level: +10

Recoil: -25%
Accuracy Regen Rate: -25%
Spread: -100%
Clip Size: +80%

Damage: +20%
Recoil: -25%
Accuracy Regen Rate: -25%
Tech Level: +4
Damage: -40%