Dr. Zed Blanco lost his medical license for unknown reasons. Currently, he maintains the medical vendors around Pandora, more or less. He spends much of his time in the infirmary chopping up corpses.


Dr. Zed is the only human resident of Fyrestone met by the Vault hunters. He gives out some of the initial missions, before relocating to New Haven.

Between the events of Borderlands and Borderlands 2, Zed relocated back to Fyrestone, where he was approached by Hyperion's Vice President, Mr. Blake. Blake tried to evict Zed from the town several times and even showed him photos of New Haven's destruction as added encouragement, but Zed continued to refuse. When Roland later asked Zed to move to Sanctuary, Zed initially declined and insisted that he would die protecting Fyrestone, but quickly changed his mind when Hyperion attacked the town in the middle of the conversation.



Borderlands 2




  • "I keep the medical equipment working - more or less."
  • "Just tell me if you need anything."
  • "Well I'm not much for compliments but--you did fine"
  • "I think we're done here."
  • "Well, that should cover it, kid."
  • "You got what you need, now scram."
  • You know what you need to know."

Borderlands 2


  • "Hey -- Zed here. I need somethin' done, uh, discreetly. Could you stop by my place in Sanctuary?"


  • "Thanks for comin' around, by the by. Most folks don't spend much time around me, 'cause I seen more contagious diseases than the space 'twixt Moxxi's legs."
  • "You wouldn't happen to be in the market for a few spare torsos, would ya? No? Eh, worth a shot."
  • "All these entrails are makin' me want a burger. That weird? That might be weird."
  • "Those kidneys you got on ya could do with some improvin'. I could upgrade 'em, if ya got the scratch."
  • "Lot of people wonder how I lost my med school degree. I ain't gonna tell ya, I just wanted you to know people are curious, is all."
  • "Uh, you an organ donor? You SHOULD be an organ donor."
  • "I'll never forget what my paw told me: Above all else, do no harm. Course, he was cuttin' open a live midget at the time, but it's the thought that counts."
  • "Don't forget to come back to me anytime you're in town. No reason not to get full healin' before you head back out there."
  • "You're lookin' kinda woozy. Why don't you sit down?"
  • "If Marcus sent you, tell him to suck it. Any of his guns I get from a dead patient belong to me."

Turn in

  • "Great job!"
  • "Hey, ya did it!"
  • "Thanks for doin' that for me."

Radio announcements

  • "Come on down to Zed's Medical Supplies. Like I always say: Better Zed than dying. Oh wait, I wrote that down wrong. Better dead! Better Zed than dead. Thank you."
  • "I'm Zed. If you get shot, I'll heal ya! Oh wow, I really should have written down more, I guess. Oh well. Say, how much time do I needta fill? 30 seconds? Okay, well... I'm Zed. If you get shot, I'm all ya got!"
  • "Come on down to..."
  • "Doctor Zed is not a licensed physician. His use of the word doctor is purely for aesthetic and stylistic effect -- see also: Pepper, Dre, Octopus. Zed will not be held accountable for anything that might befall patients under his care."
  • "Doctor Zed's Medical's Supplies! Heh."

Med Vendor Quotes


  • Dr. Zed has an invisible barrier spreading a few feet in front of him which protects him from grenades, but bullets can pass through.
  • In Borderlands 2, when shopping from Dr. Zed in Sanctuary directly, it still plays audio clips from the vending machine. He also shares items with the vendor on the left of the entrance.


  • Dr. Zed is introduced waving a "buzz axe". This same type of melee weapon is later encountered in the hands of psychos.
  • His name is strikingly similar to Dr. Ned, a mad scientist that is the main antagonist of the official add-on content The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. During the story, Dr. Ned calls himself Zed's brother.
  • Dr. Zed has his own white and red Claptrap in New Haven. Ironically, he doesn't seem to even notice that the Claptrap is there, besides the fact that the Claptrap will try to communicate with him.
  • Dr. Zed's design is based on the initial concept art of Roland.
  • In Borderlands 2, it is revealed that he is actually born in Fyrestone.
  • In TK Baha's Bloody Harvest, Zombie T.K. mentions that Dr. Zed and Dr. Ned have a third brother named Ted, but they aren't allowed to talk about him for he is considered "The Forbidden Brother."[citation needed]

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