Downfall is a tier 4 Action Skill in Amara's Brawl skill tree. When using this skill, Amara leaps into the air, shoots an elemental beam, then slams down, dealing damage in an area.


  • Cooldown: 47 seconds
  • Damage: varies with character level
  • Beam Damage: varies with character level

Usage & Description

Downfall consists of two phases: Amara will first leap into the air and fire a continuous laser directly under her, during which she can be maneuvered slowly. She will then cancel the beam and perform a Phaseslam. Both attacks use her action skill's element. If used from a height, Amara will hover at the height she initiated the move until the slam phase. This allows her to blast enemies safely from high ground, but will give problems when ascending slopes, as Amara will eventually touch the ground while firing the laser.

Without any action skill augments, Downfall is very situational compared to Amara's other action skills due to multiple issues. While the laser is capable of dealing decent damage, it is hard for Amara to make use of it due to her lowered mobility and the laser's limited range (it will only connect against enemies that are near or underneath her). This is made more significant at higher levels and difficulties, as Amara is completely vulnerable during the laser phase, making it likely for her to be put into Fight For Your Life just for using the skill. Finally, the skill significantly increases the cooldown of Phaseslam, making its cooldown-for-effectiveness quota questionable.

The effectiveness of Downfall can be significantly improved through action skill augments, with benefits such as a lasting singularity effect or mass enemy charming. If the player is aiming to use Downfall, it is recommended to focus on damage reduction and health regeneration skills to increase Amara's durability. Otherwise, Amara's other action skills should be considered due to their higher effectiveness.


  • Allure significantly increases the effectiveness of the laser as it will cause enemies to be constantly pulled into it. Lesser enemies will ragdoll helplessly around Amara, while larger enemies may constantly stumble. Knockback-immune enemies will be unaffected, making it risky against them.
  • Revelation will only cause a nova around Amara when she first uses Downfall, instead of around each target.
  • Stillness of Mind will cause all enemies who touch the laser to become phaselocked.
  • Soul Sap will restore Amara's health both during the laser and slam. This is useful against bulky enemies as Amara will tank more shots while casting the laser.
  • Glamour will charm any enemies that touch the laser, allowing Amara to gain many allies at once.
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