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Down With Big, Handsome Brother is a challenge in Opportunity in Borderlands 2. Completing it requires destroying eight security cameras around the city.


First Camera[]

From the northernmost Handsome Jack statue, standing at the north side of it facing south, turn right 45 degrees and look at the roof of the building. The camera is on the corner of the building.

Second Camera[]

From the vending machines in between the far west and far north vending machines, facing east, turn 90 degrees left. The camera is on the corner of the building.

Third Camera[]

In the Living Legend Plaza, start where you get the quest.  Turn left to see a flight of stairs. The camera is at the top of them on the wall.

Fourth Camera[]

Facing the far west vending machines, there is a bridge over a pond just to the right. Cross the bridge towards the sign with the big "H" on it and the camera is just to the left of the sign.

Fifth Camera[]

In the Waterfront District, near the Handsome Jack statue. Standing at the base facing West to look at it, turn around and climb the stairs, going around the fountain. The camera is on a light post on the other side of the fountain, above red and black Hyperion flag.

Sixth Camera[]

Located in Opportunity Square. Start on the bridge on the upper floor and face South East. The camera is on the upper right wall on the corner.

Seventh Camera[]

In the Residential Quarter, there is a large building that is still under construction.  Approaching from the north-west, take the stairs up and follow the left path (Do NOT cross the bridge.) The camera is in the corner after the bridge. Go there, turn around, and look up.

Eighth Camera[]

After the seventh camera, return to the stairs. The camera will be on the wall on the left just before you go down the stairs.


  • Cameras may not be counted towards the challenge progress if using an elemental weapon. [1]


  • The name of this challenge is a reference to George Orwell's 1949 novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, which popularized the phrase, "Down With Big Brother."