Down Not Out is a tier 4 skill in Salvador's Gun Lust skill tree. It allows Salvador to Gunzerk while crippled.

Special Skill Text

"Dying is no excuse to stop fighting."


  • Yippee Ki Yay will continue to extend the Gunzerking time as normal.
  • If the player kills a foe and gains a Second Wind, Salvador will still continue to Gunzerk if the skill's duration has not yet expired.
  • If Salvador was already Gunzerking and was downed, he will continue to Gunzerk until the end of the skill's duration, after which he will return to the normal Fight For Your Life state.
  • If Gunzerking is on cooldown when Salvador becomes crippled, its becoming available during down-state is signalled by audio cue.

Salvador Skills
Gun Lust Rampage Brawn
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