Double Up is the tier 6 skill in Axton's Guerrilla skill tree. It adds a second gun to Axton's Sabre Turret and makes them deal Slag damage.


  • Number of Turret Guns: +100%


A turret firing slag bullets does 13% less damage per shot. This yields a 74% increase in DPS rather than the 100% that one might intuitively expect. In Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode however, Slag elemental shots on Slagged enemies receive 50% damage bonus, making the damage multiply by 258% once the target is slagged.

A Double Up turret with Scorched Earth rocket pods does even less bullet damage, as the damage penalties for the two skills stack. Conversely, rockets fired from the turret deal double damage due to the targeted enemy being slagged.

Compared to Gemini, Double Up has slightly lower raw damage and does not effectively double turret health. However any slagged targets will receive greater damage from both Scorched Earth and other sources, making it a stronger offensive choice. However, Double Up has the side effect of not boosting turret damage on targets you or someone else slags. Normally, the twin guns make up for this but in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, where slag bonus damage is tripled, it becomes a disadvantage as gunfire does -42% damage when compared to without upgrade. This makes the slag bonus damage output heavily rely on player or teammate's gunfire. As a general rule, however, anyone entering Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode will likely have extremely powerful weapons. This makes Double up a viable choice assuming one has good weaponry, or against targets that cannot be slagged.


  • After the level cap increase, it is possible to deploy two turrets with Gemini while retaining Double Up.
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