Double Downer is a unique shield in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Hyperion. It is obtained from the mission Double Down located in The Spendopticon.

Special Weapon Effects

We're going down, down, down to Mephisto's Café. – Doubles Fight For Your Life duration. When crippled, increases damage by 25%, and accuracy and handling by 150%.

Usage & Description

The Double Downer gives a substantial buff to the user's Fight For Your Life capabilities. With all its perks, it can be very difficult for the user to actually die, making this shield a powerful asset to players that find trouble clearing certain areas or who keep getting downed by powerful opponents.



  • The flavor text is a line from the song Mephisto's Café from the 2007 album Somewhere in the Between by American ska punk band Streetlight Manifesto.
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