Double Barrel is a tier 6 passive skill in Zane's Doubled Agent skill tree. This skill allows Zane's Digi-Clone to be armed with a copy of his currently equipped weapon. Additionally, they both gain increased gun damage whenever they swap places.


  • Item Duping: +100%
  • Gun Damage: +25%


  • The Digi-Clone will always use the gun's default firing mode, even if Zane is currently switched to the gun's Alternative Fire mode when summoning the clone.
  • The Digi-Clone will not understand the effective range for weapons. As a result, it is necessary to equip the clone with the correct weapon for the situation, as the Digi-Clone may end up attempting to snipe distant enemies with a shotgun. Likewise, the Digi-Clone can destroy itself with splash damage from a rocket launcher if it is fighting enemies at point blank.
  • The Digi-Clone will not benefit from Anointment bonuses. Similarly, Zane will not gain doubled anointment bonuses for having his clone out with an identical Anointed weapon.
  • As the Digi-Clone is not limited to an ammo pool and has pinpoint accuracy, it will make the most use of weapons with sheer damage, such as rocket launchers or high-damage Legendary weapons (Firestorm, Krakatoa, ION CANNON).
  • By using the Face-puncher and a Bullet Vamp artifact, the Digi-Clone will replenish Zane's ammunition with each successful hit. This can be abused in a Tediore-focused build, allowing Zane to constantly reload throw without concern for his ammo.
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