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Donkey Mong is a powerful bullymong located in the Eridium Blight. He can be found roaming around, but does not have a fixed spawn location. Donkey Mong is brown in color and wearing a bright red tie, and has a wooden barrel strapped to his back.



The easiest way to find Donkey Mong is to go to the entrance to Ore Chasm. Enter it, then save and quit. Load the game back up and then run Northwest along the cliff. Donkey Mong will come out of a lone cave on the left wall of the cliff, if he has spawned. If his cave is reached and he has not yet spawned, save and quit, then continue in order to be teleported back to the Ore Chasm entrance. There is also a small chance that he may spawn down the road, from a similar looking cave, however looking here will usually attract rakk and other bullymongs. Donkey Mong seems to have roughly a 50% chance of spawning in this fashion.

Donkey Mong's most likely spawn points are:

  • Southwest corner of the map, between entrances to Hero's Pass and Ore Chasm.
  • Eastern edge of the map, near where the lava river ends.


  • There is an achievement/trophy for killing him, called Definitely an Italian Plumber, worth 15 Gamerscore or a bronze trophy.
  • There is a badass challenge, Tie Clip, for cutting his tie without any Vault Hunters being hit by barrels. It awards 5 Badass Points.