Don't Shoot the Messenger is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is picked up from an ECHO recorder in Tycho's Ribs. It becomes available after Eye to Eye is complete.



  • Find messenger
  • Kill scavs
  • Talk to Hanna
  • Deliver note


After picking up the ECHO recorder, the Vault Hunters must travel back to the Triton Flats. Waypoint leads to the Wreck of the Dundee where scavs have established a small camp, and Hanna, Colonel Zarpedon's messenger, is under attack there. The Vault Hunters rush to her aid but it is already too late. With last of her breaths, she requests the Vault Hunters to finish the job by delivering the ECHO log to a girl waiting in the Up Over Bar in Concordia. The Vault Hunters travel to Concordia to deliver the ECHO log to Brittania, who turns out to be Zarpedon's daughter. After she listens to the message, she thanks the Vault Hunters for their service and offers the Fremington's Edge as a reward.


"Message has been received loud and clear."

Turn In: Brittania


  • Item Card of the Echo Recording reads: Encrypted recording. Doubtful the passcode is '12345'.
  • Occasionally, Hanna may dissappear suring the fight with the scavs. Exiting and reloading the game will cause her to return to her correct location.

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