Don't Get Cocky is a side mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It is available from the bounty board in Jack's Office after completing the Quarantine tree of missions, including the missions from Lazlo.



  • Report to Veins of Helios
  • Reach Supply Platform
  • Summon Worker Bot
  • Access Hyperion Turret
  • Protecting incoming shipment
  • Destroy Space Debris: 0/4
  • Destroy Space Debris:4/8 (optional)
  • Super Space Janitor: 0/16 (optional)
  • Destroy Lost Legion Patrols: 0/2
  • Destroy more Lost Legion Patrols: 2/4 (optional)
  • Hyperion Lost Legion Destroyer: 0/16 (optional)
  • Destroy Meteors: 0/3
  • Turbo Laser Commander: 0/9 (optional)


The first objective of reporting to the Veins of Helios requires moving to the mission marker at the middle of the platforms. This can be achieved from either direction; approaching from Hyperion Hub of Heroism, or from the Lunar Launching Station to a West-facing platform in approximately the middle of the map, with two jump pads on it. Once there, the supply platform is accessed by using the right blue jump pad on this platform. Highlighted controls are then available to summon a worker bot.

The goal now is to defend the worker bot while it tries to haul back the supplies. This is done by mounting the turret and using it to shoot the space debris and approaching DAHL fighters as well as some meteors. Some optional objectives will pop up requiring the destruction of certain numbers of items.

Once the shipment is safe, the mission is turned in at a nearby console.



Turn In: Supply Platform


  • If enough optional objectives are completed during the mission, a high score screen will appear briefly in front of the turret, suspended in space. Once this has happened, the enemy Dan Zando will spawn in a variety of locations throughout the level. If the high score screen does not appear, Dan Zando will not spawn.


  • The mission title is a reference to the first Star Wars film, now known as Star Wars - Episode IV: A New Hope. When Luke Skywalker exclaims, "Got him. I got him!" after shooting down his first TIE Fighter via one of the Millennium Falcon's turret guns, Han Solo replies, "Great, kid. Don't get cocky."

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