Dominance is a tier 6 passive skill in FL4K's Master skill tree. This skill allows FL4K to dominate an enemy and temporarily turn it into an ally. The duration is doubled against a beast. The dominated target constantly loses health until either it dies or the effect ends. Only one enemy can be dominated at a time, and each enemy can be dominated only once.


  • Dominance Duration: 12 seconds
  • Target loses 2% of Max Health per second


Dominance is overall an inferior choice to FL4K's other capstone skills, as it behaves wildly inconsistently and has limited use. A single melee attack is not guaranteed to turn an enemy. Tougher enemies can take 3-4 attacks, making the capstone extremely difficult to utilize in many situations. Its best use is to cause chaos and confusion on the battlefield, dominating Badasses to remove them from the fight and causing enemies to turn on them. With the help of their pet, FL4K can draw fire with multiple distractions and rain damage from afar.


  • Enemies may or may not remain subdued for the entire duration.
  • Friendly enemies cannot be damaged by FL4K or their teammates, nor can the health bars be seen.
  • Dominance cannot be used against large bosses.
  • The Face-puncher shotgun deals melee damage and can be used to dominate enemies from a distance. This is one very niche strategy to make the skill slightly more viable.
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