Dominance is a tier 6 passive skill in FL4K's Master skill tree. This skill allows FL4K to dominate an enemy and temporarily turn it into an ally. The duration is doubled against a beast. The dominated target constantly loses health until either it dies or the effect ends. Only one enemy can be dominated at a time, and each enemy can be dominated only once.


  • Dominance Duration: 12 seconds
  • Target loses 2% of Max Health per second


Dominance is best used to cause chaos and confusion on the battlefield, dominating support enemies or Badasses to remove them from the fight and cause enemies to turn on them. With the help of their pet, FL4K can draw fire with multiple distractions and rain damage from afar. Against single targets, Dominance can be used to make the target docile, allowing for free hits.

The skill behaves wildly inconsistently, as a single melee attack is not guaranteed to turn an enemy, its duration is usually randomized, and it is difficult to determine if it triggered on an enemy (since it has no audio cue and a very small visual cue). Tougher enemies can take 3-4 attacks to dominate, making the skill risky to utilize since FL4K does not thrive as much in close combat.


  • Enemies may or may not remain subdued for the entire duration.
  • As of the Revenge of the Cartels update, friendly enemies can be harmed by FL4K and his allies. Dominated enemies can be determined by a "dizzy" particle effect around their heads, and a white dot on the minimap.
  • Dominance cannot be used against large bosses.
  • The Face-puncher shotgun deals melee damage and can be used to dominate enemies from a distance. This makes this skill more effective, as FL4K can mark enemies from afar with little risk.
  • Due to a glitch, enemies dominated while the "Galaxy Brain" Mayhem Mode modifier is active will have their heads revert to normal during the duration of the skill.
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