Dr. Grayson is an NPC character from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


Dr. Grayson is one of the scientists who got stuck together with Gladstone Katoa in Research and Development when Zarpedon's forces attacked. He holds a doctorate's in Eridium experimentation and is working on cloaking tech Jack wants to start using on Hyperion snipers when it's done. Out of stalker glands he made a portable cloaking device which looks like Jack's pocketwatch. With his fellow scientists, Dr. Grayson is part of the team tasked with lowering the Helios defenses.


Having a mild case of the shivers it is hard for him not to drop things. One of those things was the keycard X-STLK-23 ate and Vault Hunter has to retreive it and free Dr. Grayson from his office.



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