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Doc Mercy is a nomad miniboss in Borderlands 2, located in Three Horns - Valley.


Doc Mercy begins using an E-tech weapon and when Dr. Zed learns of bodies turning up riddled with bullet holes, but with no bullets in them, he offers a mission to uncover Mercy's involvement. Doc Mercy is enraged by this and does not hesitate to open fire, but was ultimately killed with Zed uncovering his secret.



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  • Doc Mercy's corpse switches to that of a Nomad Torturer if the area is exited and re-entered and the mission objective of checking his body will be incomplete.
  • When farming Doc Mercy, the geyser can be taken by characters other than Krieg by standing just in front of the geyser, or driving a Runner (aimed to the left of the animal skull) through it.
  • Doc Mercy has an increased chance of dropping the Infinity.
  • Doc Mercy will appear in The Raid on Digistruct Peak (at Decimation Destination) at Overpower Level 4 or above.


  • Doc Mercy has a medical license and a medical degree, of which Zed is aware of.
    • According to Patricia Tannis during The Raid on Digistruct Peak, he also has a degree in Ass-Kickery.
    • Doc Mercy was originally named "Doctor Phenias Mercy". He came to Pandora from Promethea after a pandemic causing mass insanity occured.
  • Doc Mercy holds the sign of Generally Hospital as a shield. However, unlike most nomads with physical shields, Doc Mercy's shield will strangely alter its appearance if he is afflicted by a status effect.