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Do No Harm is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Dr. Zed. It becomes available after Hunting the Firehawk is complete.



  • Perform Surgery
  • Pick up Eridium shard
  • Talk to Tannis


Dr. Zed offers a mission to assist him with his surgery. This involves using a melee attack on his suffering patient, and causes a piece of Eridium to fall to the floor. Once collected, the Eridium is turned over to Patricia Tannis.


"You found an Eridium shard! Perhaps Patricia Tannis, a socially maladjusted archaeologist, may have a use for this item."


  • The patient can be struck before the mission is accepted. This causes a reduction in his health, but not below a certain point, and not enough to kill.
  • Mission Item: Eridium Shard - "An Eridium shard, freshly yoinked from the chest of a Hyperion soldier."
  • The patient will drop the Eridium shard even if he is not struck with a melee weapon. He will still drop it if he is killed in any way.
  • Do No Harm includes the introductory cinematics for Dr. Zed and Patricia Tannis. Zed's cinematic will replay on the first visit after each time a game is launched, until Do No Harm has been accepted. Tannis's cinematic will only play when the shard is brought to her, and her other missions can be accepted and completed beforehand.


  • The name of this mission refers to the Hippocroatic Oath, which involves doctors not doing harm to their patients.

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