Divine Retribution is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by Lilith.


"Here it is, the end of all things. Tyreen has opened The Great Vault. There's no denying it, no delaying, no escaping. When the world is burning down around you, all you can do is run towards the fire. Time to kill a god."



  • Enter portal
  • Find Tyreen
  • Defeat Tyreen the Destroyer
  • Collect Vault Key
  • Loot Vault
  • Leave Vault
  • Return to Sanctuary
  • Go to Lilith's room
  • Talk to Ava
  • Give Vault Key to Tannis
  • Talk to Tannis
  • Loot Lilith's room
  • Place Eridian artifact


Tyreen the Destroyer can be a very easy fight if the right precautions are taken. It is recommended to have a shield with the Brimming buff (+5% health regeneration when shields are full) so that when Tyreen ducks under or around the stage, the character can have some effective form of health regeneration. She will start the fight by rearing her mangled body and some quick damage can be dealt, the most being with shotguns. Tyreen has four initial forms of attack - a single beam that can deal massive amounts of damage and quickly cripple characters, rows of eridium shards launched from the ground in 3 directions, eridium beams and a launched bomb.

When her first portion of health is gone, the arena will turn purple and she will be immune for some time. Characters must climb on her back and shoot the Eye of the Destroyer that rests on her head so that she becomes vulnerable again. If the eye is shot and the character backpedals, they can stand on her head to deal more damage. It is recommended to use guns that have ammo regeneration, such as the Butcher, King's Call, Queen's Call, or Lucian's Call, during this phase. The character will be knocked off Tyreen if they are still on her when she gets up.

Her next set of attacks include a massive rotation cylinder of lasers, a fireball that shoots out in several directions, and a fireball blast that comes from 5 directions in a cone. When she hits the final portion of her health bar, she will fly up and shoot out 20 or so lasers in 2 cone patterns that will deal a massive amount of damage if it hit the character. When she lands to stop and recharge, the killing blow can be dealt.


"Attention, crew of Sanctuary. That motherf**kin' Vault Hunter just saved y'all asses, so show some respect! Ain't enough heroes in this galaxy."

Turn In: Tannis


  • Mission items:
    • Vault Key
    • Eridian Ascensionator

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