Dividing Faults is an area in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution.


It is an area mainly made up of many gorges and gullies of varying sizes inhabited by Bandit-Traps and Skag-Traps. Several bridges are located on the higher plateaus, connecting the rest of the area to the Hyperion Claptrap factory. Hyperion once maintained a strong presence in the Dividing Faults, running the Claptrap manufacturing plant. The rebel Claptraps have since overrun the factory grounds.

The bandit D-Fault and his comrades reside on one of the plateaus sealed off from the rest of the area by barricades on the bridge. The Claptrap factory is an industrial complex containing a large number of Claptraps that now use it to build the ranks of the INAC's Robolution.


Common Enemies

  • D-Fault Bandits
  • Bandit-traps
  • Hyperion Soldier-Traps
  • Claptraps
  • Skag-Traps
  • Spiderant-traps

Notable Enemies

Weapon Crate Locations

Main article: Dividing Faults: Weapon Crate Locations


  • This area can be used to collect the majority of claptrap parts needed for the Fight For Your Right To Part-E mission (and all related subsequent missions) given by Patricia Tannis.
  • The zone at the western end of the east bridge is very effective for obtaining the Combo Kill challenges (culminating in Conveyor of Death).