Distributed Denial is a tier 6 passive skill in Zane's Under Cover skill tree. This skill allows Zane's Barrier to gain all the effects of his currently equipped shield mod. These effects are also applied to all allies near the barrier.


Due to the mechanics of Zane's Barrier and the wording of the skill, Distributed Denial can be rather complicated to understand as its effects may not be immediately obvious. Its effects are still being explored by the community.

The following has been confirmed through community testing[1][2][3]:

  • The Barrier's lifetime determines how much "shield" it has remaining. On deployment, it is considered "full" and on duration end, it is considered "broken".
  • Anointed effects do not pass on to allies.
  • Non-conditional effects (eg. "-25% recharge delay" or "+25% max health" perks) don't seem to transfer to allies near the barrier. Zane gains these effects when the Barrier is on the floor, but loses them when he picks the Barrier up.
  • If Zane switches to another shield while Barrier is deployed, the Barrier will not switch effects to the new shield.

Effects from specific Shields

Common Shield Mods

  • Absorb - Will absorb bullets, but will not return bullets to the player. Somewhat redundant effect as Barrier is unbreakable, though it will absorb bullets that may trigger splash damage.
  • Booster - Will drop boosters that can be picked up. Applies to shield/health boosters, etc.
  • Nova - Novas will trigger when Barrier's cooldown runs out.
  • Spike - Will not reflect damage back to melee attackers.
  • Reflect - Will reflect bullets at attackers.

Unique and Legendary Shield Mods



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