Diss M. Antler is a unique Khel Vod found guarding the office in Heart's Desire leading to Gythian's Heart.


Diss M. Antler hides by pretending to be a mounted head that is missing an antler. When the antler replaced, it breaks through a wall and attacks the Vault Hunter.



Diss M. Antler shares the same appearance and abilities as a Khel Vod, including its ability to empower. It has no shield and only has one health bar.

  • Diss M. Antler has the following attacks:
    • Leap - jumps towards the Vault Hunter, smashing the ground when it lands.
    • Rock slam - slams its fist against the ground sending out a line of rocks.
    • Shard throw - pulls a red shard from a portal on the ground and throws it.
    • Back hand - close-range melee

Its critical hit spot is its head and the bubbles on its back, these can be popped if they take too much damage.


  • It is possible to lure a Bonded to where it is fought, this will allow it to become empowered and its name will change to "Empowered Khel Vod" or "Empowered Khellga Vok" depending on the mode.


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