Discord is a skill in Gaige's Ordered Chaos skill tree. When reloading prematurely, Discord takes effect, giving:

  • +25% Fire Rate
  • +65% Weapon Accuracy
  • +3% Max Health regenerated per second
  • Anarchy stacks are lost at a rate of 1.33 per second

Discord can be shut off early by prematurely reloading again. Otherwise, it will end when there are no more stacks of Anarchy to consume.


  • Discord prevents the loss of all stacks of Anarchy when reloading prematurely, although they will be lost over time while Discord is active.
  • Being crippled and under the effects of Discord simultaneously doesn't increase the speed of Anarchy stacks loss.
  • When Discord is active, cartoony icons will float up the left and right sides of the HUD, along with a blowing sound, as a reminder that Discord is active. The icons include small pink hearts, a skull and crossbones wearing a hair bow, a tiny unicorn, a kitten head wearing a bow over a pair of crossed bolts, and an anthropomorphic mouse face wearing what appears to be Krieg's respirator.
  • A bug can cause Discord to be active permanently if it is active when skill points are reset. The only way to shut it off is to quit out of the game, or to have a point in Discord and then reload a gun manually. No other action will dispel it, including dying, reloading (without points spent in this skill), or fast traveling. Having a point in Anarchy, however, requires the user to have at least one Anarchy stack; it will not dispel or consume Anarchy stacks - but it is only active with Anarchy stacks. The graphical change to the HUD will remain the entire time this bug is active.
  • Discord's accuracy bonus is cumulative with the accuracy penalty imposed by existing stacks of Anarchy. At high levels of Anarchy the bonus will be nugatory.


  • The skill's name, like several others in Gaige's repertoire, is a reference to the animated television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, in which "Discord" is the name of a mischievous god-like antagonist.
  • Even if Gaige has no Anarchy stacks, prematurely reloading after investing in Discord will cause her to speak the quotes for activating it, and the sound effect of Discord will also play briefly.
  • Taking this skill adds three claws to Deathtrap's right hand.

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