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Borderlands has several disc-based releases available.


Box art Title Release date Included
BorderlandsBoxArt Borderlands 2009-10-20 The full original game
Double Game Add-on Pack box art Double Game Add-on Pack 2010-04-06 (US)[1][2][3]
2010-04-09 (International)[3]
Includes DLC1 and DLC2, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned and Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot. Listed for PC and Xbox 360 only. The release date was pushed back several times, first from 23 February 2010 to 1 April 2010, then to 6–9 April 2010 (US and International).
Borderlands Game of The Year Edition Borderlands Game of the Year Edition October 12, 2010 The full original game plus all four downloadable add-on content packs. (Note - first edition contained only keys for DLCs. Subsequent versions have included content on disc.)

These discs are useless to an installation of Borderlands bought via Steam, as the Steam release of Borderlands will only pick up Steam add-on purchases. This works both ways.

Note: The GotY version has a re-release, which includes all four add-on packs on a separate disc. All four add-ons are DRM free, which means they can be reinstalled on any console endlessly.