Dinklebot is a respawning mini-boss in Borderlands 3. It can be found in Skywell-27 on Promethea.



  • Dinkelbot poses no threat whatsoever, but digistructs numerous flying Maliwan bots: Stingers, Overspheres and Harbinger mines.
    • The mines can be easily destroyed and should be focused on first.
    • As for the bots, those can be quickly dealt with by attacking either their central weak spot or their fins.
    • Additionally, Dinklebot constantly teleports around the battlefield and has a powerful shield that will constantly regenerate until destroyed.


  • "Just a second."
  • "Whyyy you!"
  • "Unpleasant."
  • "Did you ever pay attention?"


  • When killed, Dinklebot will drop a Loot-O-Gram. These can be traded with Crazy Earl on Sanctuary III for random loot.
  • During the Bloody Harvest event, Dinklebot can release a Ghost when killed.


  • Dinklebot is a reference to the Ghost AI from the Destiny video game series.


A shielded Dinklebot

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