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Digistructed Madness: Round 5 is a mission in The Holodome Onslaught DLC for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



  • Press holo-button
  • Survive
  • Waves complete: 0/6
  • Pick up Vault key pieces: 0/3 (optional)
  • Install Vault key pieces: 0/3 (optional)
  • Stay away from the light


After accepting the mission, all players must drop down through the opening in the floor into the arena, move to the central elevated concourse, and press a holographic button. This starts the first wave.

An optional objective is to pick up three Vault pieces which are scattered on elevated spots in the arena. Their locations are marked with waypoints. Using a boosted jump pad is required to reach the southernmost piece and may help reaching the other two pieces as well. After collecting, the pieces must be assembled at the upper northern area. Upon this, the forcefield in the very north drops; however, H010-TP insists that players do not enter the white light which is revealed behind. Staying away (which seems to be a non-optional objective) for 30 seconds completes that objective and the optional one. Approaching the light causes tentacles to lash out and instantly kill any nearby players.

Players who die are not allowed to re-enter the arena and can only offer support by shooting or using abilities through two windows in the anterooms. If all players die, the mission fails and must be restarted.

If six waves are completed, the jump pad leading to the exit is re-activated and the mission can be turned in. However, players will want to examine the room in the north first, which was hidden behind the bright light. The room can now be entered and three Dahl grey weapon chests can be looted.

The rewards include the Plunkett sniper rifle and another random blue weapon from those introduced in this DLC.


Turn In: H010-TP

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  • Mission Items:
    • Vault Key Piece - "For you to open a Vault with. Or, far more likely, for another character to open a Vault with and for you to go "oh darn we were just barely too late" and then fight a monster."