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Digistruct Blaster Nomad is an enemy in Borderlands 2 exclusive to Digistruct Peak Challenge.



Digistruct Blaster Nomads wield very large shock sniper rifle-like weapons from which they can release a series of about 20 shots in a very quick succession. These shots can rapidly damage or even completely deplete the shields of nearby characters. Once 20 shots are fired, generators they carry on their backs, as well as their primary weapons, get overheated so they toss shock grenades. Digistruct Blaster Nomads always keep their distance from their intended victims, and will only resort to over-the-shoulder melee attack if the enemy gets close enough. They will also give orders to any nearby bandits. Shooting the generator on their backs will only deplete their shields, but will not cause it to short or explode.


  • Regardless of the game mode, their name remains unchanged.