Digging up the Past is a challenge worth 5 Badass Ranks to find all the Dahl ECHO recordings. There are a total of four ECHO Recorders spread out in Stanton's Liver.




  • 1st ECHO Recorder
    • Annie Swan: Annie Swan, Dahl contractor for Keep It Spotless Cleaners! If mum could see me now! Still, cash is short, Emily's sicker than ever, and the universe isn't overflowing with free medical care. Still, picking up after Dahl's fittest and finest lets me sniff out some juicy nuggets of camp gossip. Beats reading a book! Someone's out there though. I can feel eyes on me. Have I got a stalker?
  • 2nd ECHO Recorder
    • Annie Swan: I saw it! Him? Her? Late one night, I was scrubbing the latrine intake valves, when I looked up and -- in the distance, on a hill -- there it was. Tall, spindly, sliced in half by shadow and still as the dead, watching me. An alien! I'm not sure what to tell the camp commander. She'll think I'm nuts! And Nurse Nina told me Emily's getting worse. I can't lose this job.
  • 3rd ECHO Recorder
    • Annie Swan: Not sure what to think of this crazy universe. I didn't end up mentioning my little alien friend to Captain Scott. Money's tighter than ever, and Emily's skin and bone, though I know Nina's trying her best. Then, last night, after lights out it appeared looming over me. I near had to clean up after myself! It only said six words: "She will live. Leave this moon."
  • 4th ECHO Recorder
    • Annie Swan: Emily's recovered! Can you believe it?! A real miracle! Nurse Nina said some kind of purple light lit up her medbay an hour ago... then my little moonbeam woke up. I've chucked my job, and used the rest of my savings to buy two tickets off Elpis. Emily and I are off to Pandora, to start afresh! I don't know who or what that Watcher alien is, but thank you!
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