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The Devastator is the Crimson Lance's powered armor, first encountered in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. This well-armored, 20 foot tall mech suit presents a formidable opponent with only the pilot's exposed head for a vulnerable attack point.



A Devastator's main weapons are its massive-gauge shotguns, mounted in either arm. In most cases, these weapons are lethal at close to medium range, but like all scatter-fire weaponry, suffer at long range. When facing directly towards targets, the Devastator will fire both cannons. At melee range Devastators will employ the bayonets on their cannons to stab or swipe at any target that gets close, or simply try to club them with its arms like massive cudgels.

One way to deal with a Devastator is to take advantage of its poor maneuverability. One can run around a Devastator fairly effortlessly, presenting an opportunity to score hits on its flanks with little fear of reprisal.

Standing in one spot without moving is an ill-advised tactic to employ against a Devastator. They might not turn very fast, but they are capable of running surprisingly fast in a straight line. Like all armored enemies, Corrosive attacks are preferable. The approach for groups of paired Devastators is to deal Fire or Explosive damage as well as corrosive damage.

Head shots on the head of the exposed pilot can also lead to the speedy eradication of a Devastator. This hit location lacks the formidable armor of the rest of the machine and if hit it can sustain significant damage. A blow from a shotgun, an accurate revolver strike, or sniper rifle attacks will cut through the pilot rapidly and cause the Devastator to flinch. Repeated head shots from fast, and accurate, automatic weapons will keep it locked in place, unable to retaliate as it staggers under the assault.

Occasional attacks that the Devastator does manage to unleash do not actually do much damage. A vision-blurring side effect inflicted by its scattergun can make targeting difficult, although this is more a nuisance than a threat.

Another tactic is to run from the Devastator until it stops chasing. Then it will stand there making various arm gestures and taunts. This presents a perfect opportunity to score critical hits on the head.

Badass Devastator

A Lance mech resembling that manned by General Knoxx, the Badass Devastator is much more of a threat than a regular Devastator. It is found in few places such as in the Crimson Armory and Ajax's compound at Road's End. Among its arsenal of attacks is the ability to jump up and slam down on any nearby opponents, knocking them back and inflicting heavy damage. They are also equipped with twin Scorpion-II self-guiding missile launchers, which can locate targets independently after launch, even behind cover. These homing rockets can be shot out of the air to detonate them prematurely. This works especially well with scatter weapons like shotguns and especially Double Anarchy SMGs from a medium range. This helps in cutting the Badass down quickly and destroy any rockets they launch for extra damage to them.

Though explosive weapons are recommended in hints in the game itself, weapons with lasting damage such as corrosive weapons tend to be more effective. As with the regular Devastator, the Badass variant is likewise susceptible to damage from shots to the head of the pilot and for this reason high accuracy guns provide an effective means to counter their bulk.


Promotional image of General Knoxx's Devastator with added helmet

  • "Turn back, or we will open fire."
  • "This is a military staging area."
  • "No civilians allowed. Go back."
  • "We have orders to open fire if you proceed."
  • "This area is restricted."
  • "Just move along."
  • "Turn back at once."
  • "This is your last warning."
  • "Go back, now."
  • "Don't come any closer."


  • Devastators will still heckle and ask aggressors to vacate the area, even when being shot at.
  • Devastators (badass and otherwise) appear to be the only source of the Ogre and Marine class mods.