Deterrence Field is a tier 4 augment skill in Zane's Under Cover skill tree. This skill enables Zane's barrier to deal shock damage to enemies who come into contact with it, staggering them.

This skill requires Barrier to be equipped.


  • Shock Damage: varies with character level
  • Causes enemies to stagger on contact

Usage & Description

Deterrence Field can be very useful due to its ability to cause enemies to stagger. It is guaranteed to stun lesser enemies, while stunning more durable enemies (like Badass enemies) less frequently. It can be used while Barrier is held to give Zane a pseudo melee weapon while simultaneously stunning and depleting the shields of his target. This is more useful in True Vault Hunter Mode, as Zane's focus on Cryo usually makes him ineffective against shielded enemies.

Its effects can be amplified with All-Rounder, allowing the Barrier to stun large amounts of enemies at once. Melee-restricted enemies will be harmless so long as Zane stays within the sphere, and any enemies trapped in the barrier will be essentially caged for as long as the Barrier is up.


  • Enemies immune to shock damage will not be staggered or take damage from the Barrier.
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