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For similar terms, see Destroyer.

The Destroyer is a legendary combat rifle manufactured by Hyperion.

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Special Weapon Effects[]

The destructor has come – Unloads the entire magazine when scoped.


The Destroyer's higher than normal Accuracy will be offset by its large amounts of recoil. The gun is accurate enough to make long range targeted fire, but not stable enough to score multiple Critical hits in a single pull of the trigger. When in combat it is advised to aim for the chest region and let the recoil carry the gun's muzzle toward the target's head. Most players will probably prefer a high quality Support Machine Gun with high accuracy and a scope, although this can be hard to find.


  • All Destroyers have exceptional accuracy, as they all share the same barrel.
  • The special effect can cause issues with recoil at long ranges, though most editions have good recoil reduction.
  • It is possible to interrupt the burst by reloading, unscoping, or changing weapons.
  • A Destroyer can spawn with a Pounder magazine, though it will not receive the full Pounder damage bonus since it cannot receive the Pounder title


  • The flavor text may be a reference to the movie "Ghostbusters" (1984); derived from lines involving the main antagonist from the movie, Gozer The Destructor. [1]
  • It is incorrectly stated in the BradyGames Borderlands Guide that the special ability is ricochet bullets, it is later corrected in the Hyperion section of the guide.


The Destroyer effect comes from the barrel5_Hyperion_Destroyer barrel. Apart from the special effect, this part offers extra damage, tech, and an increased zoom. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

barrel5_Hyperion_Destroyer barrel5
Accuracy Minimum: -75%
Accuracy Maximum: -40%
Recoil: -50%
Spread: -130%
Damage: +18%
Tech level: +5
Zoom FOV: -50%
Accuracy Minimum: -150%
Accuracy Maximum: -40%
Recoil: -50%
Spread: -130%
Damage: +15%