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Up-and-coming neighborhood - plenty of open-air lots with good views, occasional chasms through which one might glimpse the hungering tentacles of a cosmic terror, some great tapas places within walking distance.
— In-game description

The Destroyer's Rift is a massive forming chasm near a small set of Eridian ruins on the surface of Pandora where The Destroyer emerged after the opening of The Great Vault.


This is the location of the Vault of the Destroyer on Pandora, where the fight against the final boss, Tyreen the Destroyer, takes place.


Notable Allies

Common Enemies

Notable Enemies


Story Missions

Points of Interest

Treacherous Path

Treacherous Drop

  • The place of no return before the boss battle.
  • There are two vending machines, meds and ammo, and a fast travel station.
  • Next to the fast travel station is an opening in the wall that leads to an Eridian Writing.

Crown of Tyrants

  • This is the boss arena where the fight against Tyreen the Destroyer takes place.

Vault of the Destroyer

  • This is the Vault chamber that becomes accessible after the boss fight.
  • There are 2 red and 2 white chests to loot.


  • Title given by the game is "Eridian Ruin".