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Deputy Winger is a killable, respawning enemy located in the town of Lynchwood. He spawns close to the Sheriff, and is a Badass version of the regular deputy enemies with improved health and damage.


Winger was deputized at gunpoint and evidently hates his job. He becomes part of the mission Showdown, in which he operates as a sidekick to the more powerful Sheriff. Considered an enemy, he can be killed during the confrontation, but an additional challenge in the mission is to kill the Sheriff without shooting Winger. Once the Sheriff is dead, however, Winger can be killed with impunity.

He can also be heard on Lynchwood's PA system in Main Street, trying to act as the voice of reason and urging Lynchwood's citizens not to provoke the Sheriff's wrath.



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  • After the mission is complete, the next visit to Lynchwood will have Winger and his posse respawning as allies, but they will not engage the hostile bandits around them.
  • Though properly voiced in announcements, Winger uses generic nomad quotes when in combat.