Deputy Bots are the reprogrammed Atlas police bots encountered in Borderlands 3. They are first met on Promethea.


Deputy Bots form the core of law enforcement on Promethea, usually patrolling the streets of Meridian City in groups. Often supported by other types of bots.


Borderlands 3


Deputy Bot is capable of firing its submachine gun as well as striking with the free hand or the gun.

May be disarmed by shooting off its both arms.

When critically damaged or disarmed it will initiate self destruction protocol and, if possible, charge at its opponent to detonate in his proximity.


  • There is also ecountered hacked variant of this bot, at Meridian Metroplex. These bots attack anyone they detect, including other bots.


  • Deputy Bot is a flagship product of Holloway Robotics. The company produces also other variations of the bot.
  • Original model designation of Deputy Bot is "Crime Buster Bot".

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