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Demoskaggons are enemies encountered in Borderlands 3.


Demoskaggons can be found in a small natural arena with several skag dens a short distance to the west from Bloodbucket's Chappel in The Droughts on Pandora. Demoskaggons are a guaranteed spawn, and at least two of them will spawn after killing a few lesser skags.



Demoskaggons will spawn alongside multiple skags, often lil' skags and puke skags. Using an incendiary weapon to clear the normal skags and a non-elemental weapon on the Demoskaggons are recommended.



  • The name is a reference to the term Demogorgon.
    • The Demoskaggon being a source for the Night Hawkin is a reference to the Demogorgon from the Netflix show Stranger Things. This is further reinforced by the Night Hawkin's name and flavor text, both of which are also a reference to same show.