Delusional Damage is a tier 3 skill in Krieg's Hellborn skill tree. All forms of Elemental Status Effects inflicted by Krieg have a chance to set him on fire. This effect is determined by the total ignite chances accumulated from Burn, Baby, Burn and Fuel the Fire.


Further boosts Krieg's ability to catch fire and thus gain additional bonuses from other skills by being caught on fire.


  • While Burn, Baby, Burn and Fuel the Fire have a chance to ignite Krieg when igniting enemies, this skill extends the effect by allowing any elemental status effect, other than explosion, to have a chance to ignite Krieg.
  • Even if equipping a shield that grants fire immunity, a small amount of damage is taken when igniting oneself.
  • This skill makes The Bee much less effective if using any elemental weapon.
  • This skill works particularly well with slag, due to the increased proc rate, as well as the normal properites of slag itself - increasing damage dealt to slagged enemies, allow player to immediately take advantage of the buff from being on fire.
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