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Defender is a Legendary shotgun in Borderlands manufactured by Tediore.

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Special Weapon Effects

I can do this all day... – Ammo regeneration.

Usage & Description

The Defender's only special ability is ammo regeneration. The Defender should mostly be used for its ammo regenerating trait, rather than its combat prowess.


  • The Defender may also be found with a Carnage type barrel, allowing it to fire rocket projectiles instead of the normal pellets.
    • The Carnage barrel increases the high damage of Defender up to 1024.
  • There are no Matador variations of the Defender.



The Defender effect comes from the body3_Tediore_Defender body. It is vastly superior to its body3 counterpart, but roughly equivalent to a body5. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

body3_Tediore_Defender body3 body5
Damage: +25%
Fire Rate: +30%
Recoil: -30%
Tech Level: +3
Ammo Regen
Damage: -15%
Fire Rate: +30%
Recoil: -30%
Tech Level: +3
Damage: +20%
Fire Rate: +50%
Recoil: -20%
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