Deep Fathoms is an area in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. It is a dried up lake with a broken highway in it.


Parched Fathoms

Deep Fathoms was once a deep lake area with a strong Atlas presence. The Crimson Lance controlled some of the waterways here, laying Lance Mines for unwanted intruders, and several concrete highways were also built at some point in the past. Now the water has dried up, leaving a dusty lake bed littered with the debris of past construction efforts.

The Crimson Lance have returned to the area and constructed a fortress as part of their plan to re-establish their grip on Pandora. This bastion lies beyond the southern end of the Deep Fathoms and is connected by an advanced energy bridge.

Moxxi's Red Light has also been established in Deep Fathoms, catering to a clientele of some of the less reputable inhabitants.


  • Bandits comb the open expanses of this area in Cheta Paws and they also maintain two camps; one in the north-west, and one in the south-east corner.
  • Crimson Lance units guard a gate house in the south-west corner of this area.
  • Skags have a few dens below the roadways near Moxxi's Red Light.

Weapon Crates

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