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Declaration Against Independents is a side mission in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty.



  • Destroy union vehicles: 0/5


The union sand pirates can be found in several locations marked by waypoints on the map. Each marked area spawns three union vehicles in sequence before each area is played out, and then scabs will need to migrate to a new area to hunt some more.

The union movement makes use of sandskiffs armed with rocket launchers in the front. They emerge from huge pipes protruding from the canyon walls and immediately attack any aggressors while travelling in a predetermined circuit around each of the occupied areas. Due to their speed and patrol path their powerful launcher weapons are seldom trained on their attackers, but if players opt to face them head-on the rockets can do significant damage. Otherwise their most frequently employed form of attack, the turret machinegun, will fire a constant hail of bullets to whittle down pursuers.


"The members of local pirate union #402 may not like you, but they'll respect you."

Turn In: Pirate Bounty Board


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