For the similarly-named first location of Claptastic Voyage, see Deck 13 1/2.

Deck 13.5 is a location in Claptastic Voyage. It is an illusion created by 5H4D0W-TP that initially looks identical to Deck 13 1/2 with the door closed. 5H4D0W-TP uses Deck 13.5 to deceive the Vault Hunters into believing that he is Handsome Jack, which leads them to inadvertently return the H-source to him after his defeat. Upon "Jack" receiving the H-Source, the illusion melts away, dropping the Vault Hunters into a sub-level where the rest of the area is located.

Points of Interest

Deck 13 1/2 illusion (Unnamed in-game)

When Vault Hunters first enter Deck 13.5 during the mission END OF LINE, the area is an identical replica of Deck 13 1/2 with Handsome Jack waiting for the H-Source, but with the exit door closed. Once the H-Source is handed over to "Jack", the illusion distorts and vanishes. At this time, the Vault Hunters are dropped into another area containing healing, ammo and weapons vending machines and an exit-only Fast Travel station.

Raw Code

This is the large arena area where ECLIPSE and EOS are fought. When Deck 13.5 is first entered during END OF LINE, the arena is hidden from sight beneath a corridor leading to a throne room that dissipates when Claptrap declines 5H4D0W-TP's offer of an alliance.

Raw Code itself is composed of various disjointed hexagonal or rectangular islands amidst a vast undulating red floor that acts like lava, dealing heavy incendiary damage to Vault Hunters that contact it.

Once both ECLIPSE and EOS are defeated, a small platform stylized as pulsating, glitching cubes appears at the far northeast of Raw Code. The platform holds a transition that will allow Vault Hunters a safe return to the actual Deck 13 1/2.

Whenever Deck 13.5 is revisited, the corridor and throne room will not exist, instantly revealing Raw Code itself instead.



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  • Whenever Deck 13.5 is revisited, the illusion of Deck 13 1/2 will be non-existent, and the Vault Hunters will immediately begin dropping down into Raw Code, directly in front of the Fast Travel terminal.
  • It is possible to detect 5H4D0W-TP's illusion of Deck 13 1/2 prior to its reveal, as there are a few subtle differences between Deck 13.5 and Deck 13 1/2:
    • Firstly, after having Handsome Jack say the name 'Deck 13 1/2' during earlier missions, "Jack" says 'Deck 13.5' during END OF LINE. 'Deck 13.5' also appears on the level transition in place of 'Deck 13 1/2'.
    • Secondly, Deck 13.5 uses a different loading splashscreen to Deck 13 1/2 - whereas Deck 13 1/2 showcases Jack typing at Deck 13 1/2's computer, Deck 13.5's splashscreen features Jack closing the computer and looking directly at the player, breaking the fourth wall.

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