Decepti0n is Zer0's Action Skill. When used, Zer0 enters a cloaked mode for six seconds, becoming totally invisible to computer-controlled enemies, though to players he will be faintly visible and transparent. He simultaneously deploys a holographic decoy when he cloaks himself, further aiding in his deception. Firing a weapon or striking an enemy in melee immediately ends Decepti0n but adds a tremendous damage bonus to that single attack:

  • Up to 200% increased Gun Damage (minimum bonus: +40%)
  • Up to 250% increased Gun Critical Damage
  • Up to 650% increased Melee Damage (minimum bonus: +230%).

The bonus increases to the maximum the longer Zer0 is cloaked, but ending Decepti0n sooner decreases the cooldown until the next Decepti0n. Decepti0n has a maximum base cooldown of 15 seconds.


  • The decoy counts as a physical object and can get in the way of shots, including those fired by Zer0 himself and other characters in co-op. It can also block movement abilities such as charges made using Execute.
  • Decepti0n has a hidden accuracy bonus to the shot fired that ends the ability.
  • Tediore reloads do not end Decepti0n. They do receive the appropriate damage boost from Decepti0n.
  • Throwing a grenade will not end Decepti0n, either.
  • Melee attacks that miss an enemy do not end Decepti0n.
  • Decepti0n confers no actual bonus to critical hit damage multiplier, only weapon base damage.
  • While Decepti0n is active, cloaked enemies such as Stalkers will be revealed via the blue glow given off.
  • When aiming down iron sights or through a scope, crosshairs will still appear.
  • Decepti0n can help Zer0 remain undetected by a group of enemies while using a Sniper Rifle, provided he is out of view, or is far away enough from the enemies, after making the shot.
  • Decepti0n can also temporarily remove enemy aggro from Zer0 (the red dots will disappear from minimap) if Zer0 places his decoy inside a large obstacle such as a wall or a building. This is done by activating Decepti0n when facing the obstacle and standing close to it. If he can move far away enough from the enemies while invisible, or is out of view when Decepti0n ends, he will become undetected afterward.


  • While in Decepti0n, the enemies texture changes to the periodic table of elements along with morse code.
    • This can be seen on bigger enemies like the Leviathan.
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