Decepti0n is Zer0's Action Skill. When used, Zer0 enters a cloaked mode for six seconds, becoming totally invisible to computer-controlled enemies, though to players he will be faintly visible and transparent. He simultaneously deploys a holographic decoy when he cloaks himself, further aiding in his deception. Firing a weapon or striking an enemy in melee immediately ends Decepti0n but adds a tremendous damage bonus to that single attack:

  • Up to 200% increased Gun Damage.
  • Up to 250% increased Gun Critical Damage.
  • Up to 650% increased Melee Damage.

The bonus increases to the maximum the longer Zer0 is cloaked, but ending Decepti0n sooner decreases the cooldown until the next Decepti0n. Decepti0n has a maximum cooldown of 15 seconds when used in conjunction with Zer0's Many Must Fall ability.


  • The decoy counts as a physical object and can get in the way of shots, including those fired by Zer0 himself and other characters in co-op. It can also block movement abilities such as charges made using Execute.
  • Decepti0n has a hidden accuracy bonus to the shot fired that ends the ability.
  • Tediore reloads do not end Decepti0n. They do receive the appropriate damage boost from Decepti0n.
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