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An Oversphere, the most basic Death Sphere.

Death Spheres are enemies found in Borderlands 3. They are hovering robotic entities powered by anti-gravity propulsion, and are part of the defense system employed by Maliwan on Skywell-27. As robotic enemies, their health bars are made up of Armor and they are weak to Corrosive damage.

Rhys indirectly warns the Vault Hunters on the dangers of Death Spheres once they set foot on Skywell-27, though none of the enemy types are actually named "Death Sphere". They are one of the few enemies that can spawn from Maliwan Digistruct pods.

All Death Spheres talk in monotonous language with a feminine voice, similar to Loader robots.



In Combat

  • Firing pattern found. Initializing.
  • Touché.
  • Superior firepower unleashed.
  • Engaging competition.
  • Opening up.
  • We are the future. But in a cool way.
  • I have to.
  • Death ball mode activated!
  • Pew. Pew. Pew.
  • Pain train pulling into the station! You are the station!

Taking damage

  • Ow.
  • Ouch.
  • Owie!
  • Oof!
  • Don't.

Taking elemental damage

  • Acid. That's original.
  • Chemical shower requested.
  • I am... getting so hot.
  • pH imbalance detected.
  • Getting warm.
  • I burn.

On Death

  • Oh no, I'm done.
  • Superiority not confirmed.
  • Whoops! I'm kaput!
  • Ouchies.
  • Chance of imminent death: 100%.
  • But we were supposed to win.


  • Death Spheres are unable to fire through other Death Spheres if one is in the way.


  • A unique type of Death Sphere known as "Pleasure Spheres" are mentioned but never seen in-game, apart from the one Rhys hijacks during the events of the story. Like their names suggest, they are pleasure-oriented, and are fitted with music, lubricant, and ambient light shows.