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Death Mark is a tier 3 skill in Zer0's Cunning skill tree. Melee attacks and kunai will mark a target for death, shown by a red 0 hovering over them. Marked enemies take extra damage from all sources.


  • Marked Damage Bonus: +80%


  • The Death Mark lasts for 8 seconds.
  • Death Mark will persist on targets, regardless of what they do, for the full eight seconds (unless killed). This allows the player to track enemies capable of going invisible, such as Stalkers.
  • This damage bonus is multiplicative. If stacked with Slag, the target will take 360% total damage in Normal Mode and TVHM and 540% damage in UVHM, as the slag modifier is applied after Deathmark. This happens quite frequently while using Death Bl0ss0m, as kunai may explode with slag.
  • The skill went through several iterations when it came to how the mark applied damage.
    • Upon release, Death Mark would only increase damage by 20%, but was able to stack this up to 4 times (up to 80%) when used in tandem with Death Bl0ss0m.
    • A later hotfix removed the ability to stack Death Mark with Death Bl0ss0m, capping the maximum damage at 20%.
    • Finally, another hotfix raised its damage value to 80%, the max possible when originally used with Death Bl0ss0m.

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