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Death Bl0ss0m is the tier 6 skill in Zer0's Cunning skill tree. By tapping the Skill button while in Decepti0n, Zer0 can throw kunai that deal random elemental effects.


  • Amount of kunai throws per cooldown: 5


  • Zer0 gets five packs of four kunai per use of Decepti0n. With the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack, it is possible for Zer0 to apply a Death Mark to the target and kill with a melee attack, allowing Many Must Fall to activate, resetting Zer0's kunai count.
  • Death Mark can be applied with kunai, and allows marks to be applied to multiple enemies at a time.
    • However, marks are only applied on direct hit; the area of effect does not apply marks.
  • Critical hits can be scored with kunai.
  • Kunai do not alert enemies in any way. Killing an enemy with kunai while in Decepti0n does not end Decepti0n, and thus does not increase Decepti0n's cooldown rate.
  • The kunai benefit from Roid Shield damage.
  • The exploding kunai can damage Zer0 himself and possibly apply their elemental effects to him if they go off near him. However, their radius is very small and this will only be a hazard if standing next to a target.
  • The kunai are thrown in a moderate spread and travel straight for a short time before falling in a ballistic arc; at long range, it is necessary to adjust for this. However, use at long range is debatable, as the spread means that massive damage is only dealt at close range.
  • The kunai have a small delay between impact and explosion. The impact deals a small amount of non-elemental damage, followed by the much-larger elemental explosion.
  • The damage dealt by the kunai may be somewhat irregular. This is because of the random nature of elemental effects applied - if a kunai from the first pack thrown Slags an enemy, then subsequent kunai will deal much more damage.

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