Death is the title of a group of assault shotguns with high accuracy, and a hidden +15% Critical Damage, and improved stability. Death shotguns are relatively rare, as most that qualify for Death also qualify for the higher priority Brute (weapon) title.

Examples are on the talk page.

Usage & Description

Death Shotguns all have an accuracy rating of at least 67%. They can be used medium to long range. At close range, targeted headshots give +15% Critical Damage: A nice boost. At long range, Death shotguns can be used like classic shotguns, with the entire target in the crossairs.


Unlike most weapons with a bonus to critical hit damage, a melee strike made with a Death shotgun does not apply its damage bonus to melee critical hits. A Spiked Death is thus no more effective in melee than any other Spiked shotgun.


Death is a Title (Title_Spread_Death) bestowed upon shotguns with high accuracy (at least 67%). Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

Accuracy Minimum: -25%
Critical Damage: +15%
Tech Level: +2
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