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Deadlift is a scav boss in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



Main article: Marooned


  • "I can't wait to throw your corpse on to a jump pad and watch it take to the air like... a child's imagination."


  • Deadlift drops the Vandergraffen when killed.
  • During the "Bloody Harvest Celebration" (Oct 30 - Nov 2 2014), Deadlift was renamed "Undeadlift", and given a pumpkin head. When killed, Undeadlift had a chance of dropping the Jack-o'-Cannon.
  • Deadlift has a chance to drop the following skins:
    • Athena's "Royal Guard"
    • Wilhelm's "Hero Suit"
    • Nisha's "Where You Go Indigo"
    • Claptrap's "Indi Go Go"
    • Jack's "Violet and Violent"
    • Aurelia's "I am Basically Royalty"


  • His full name, according to him, is Bucephelus Deadlift MacElroy.
  • Mentioned to have asked Janey out, however he was turned down due to Janey being a lesbian.

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