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Bucephelus Deadlift MacElroy, simply known as Deadlift is a scav boss in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. He is a unique outlaw enemy located in Regolith Range, and the second boss fought in the game.


Janey Springs' digistruct key was stolen by Deadlift and the Vault Hunters cannot get into Concordia without a vehicle. He was killed so that the key can be taken back from him.



Main article: Marooned


  • "DEADLIFT TIME!" (During Marooned Cutscene only)
  • "I can't wait to toss your corpse on to a jump pad and watch it take to the air like... a child's imagination."
  • "Those Vault Hunters Die Today, Or My Name Isn't Bucephalus Deadlift McElroy."
  • "My aspirations......" (When killed During Marooned)

In Combat

  • To the last, Spings, She sucks!
  • It's Deadlift time!
  • Fine, the good one!


  • Deadlift will always drop the Vandergraffen when killed. He also uses this laser against the vault hunters.
  • During the "Bloody Harvest Celebration" (Oct 30 - Nov 2 2014), Deadlift was renamed "Undeadlift", and given a pumpkin head. When killed, he had a chance to drop the Jack-o'-Cannon.
  • Deadlift has a chance to drop the following skins:
    • Athena's "Royal Guard"
    • Wilhelm's "Hero Suit"
    • Nisha's "Where You Go Indigo"
    • Claptrap's "Indi Go Go"
    • Jack's "Violet and Violent"
    • Aurelia's "I am Basically Royalty"


  • Janey Springs mentioned that Deadlift attempted to ask her out, however he was turned down because she is a lesbian. Angered by this, he stole the Moon Zoomy Digistruct key from Janey.