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Dead Weight is a location-based challenge in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel . To perform this challenge in Regolith Range, Deadlift must be defeated without using any of the jump pads in the room. It is worth 10 Badass Rank.


Directly in front of the entrance there is a buttress which can be used like a ramp to climb up to the first floor, that offers a good view of the entire room allowing for more direct lines of fire. On the first floor there is also a staircase to the second floor, and the staircase itself is also useful for getting out of the line of fire.

Sniping Deadlift from the floor of the arena, or from an elevated position, will complete the challenge, and while sniper rifles are generally unavailable this early in Normal Mode, there is one available as a mission reward for Tales from Elpis.



  • Dead Weight cannot be completed outside of the story mission Marooned. This cannot be circumvented by joining another player's game to replay the story mission.