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Davlin is an NPC in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep who guards the forest gate in Flamerock Refuge.


Initially, Davlin appears in the role of a gatekeeper before Mr. Torgue demands entry to the game and replaces him. He returns soon after when Torgue's increasingly ridiculous demands on the story sees him banished from Davlin's old post and Davlin himself is restored. Davlin then proceeds to act as a guide as the story takes the Vault Hunters into the Forest and Immortal Woods. During the trip, Davlin requests that the Vault Hunters fetch him Bloodfruits from a nearby orc village to pass a barricade, and later to find the white knight Roland to open the way to the Tree of Life.

Upon reaching the Tree of Life, Davlin is disappointed to find that the missing queen is nowhere in sight, but declares that he can reverse the curse on the land himself by speaking a chant. However, the chant instead revives the sleeping Skeleton Kings beneath the soil. Davlin then reveals his true identity as the Handsome Sorcerer and vanishes, leaving the Vault Hunters and Roland to deal with the Skeleton Kings.



  • Davlin's act of tricking the Vault Hunters into giving him access to the Tree of Life mirrors the part of the main game's storyline where Handsome Jack tricks the Vault Hunters into disabling Sanctuary's shields.
  • Davlin shares some similarities to Handsome Jack, namely his pocket watch and the cut over his left eye.