Davis Pickle is a young self-described "fingersmith", who lives in the Outlands Canyon area of Elpis. He is one of the supporting characters in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


Pickle lost his parents and was separated from his sister Eliza during "The Crackening," an event caused by The Dahl corporation's mining operations that ripped Elpis apart. He lives in a hashed together building in Outlands Canyon, featuring workbenches, telescopes, a large screen TV and sofa, and other scavenged equipment.

Pickle is infamous among the scavs of the Outlands. Numerous graffiti instruct Pickle to keep away, presumably due to his reputation as a thief. The Bosun is personally familiar with Pickle, and refers to him as a "precocious little arsehole."


Pickle's space suit

Janey Springs sends Jack and the Vault Hunters to Pickle to help them procure a military grade artificial intelligence. Pickle directs them to the wreck of the Drakensburg and helps them reach it after the Bosun destroys the only bridge. While the Vault Hunters occupy the Bosun and his gang, Pickle takes the opportunity to enter the wreck as well, presumably to loot it of valuable components. However, ECHOs found during the Claptastic Voyage campaign reveal that Pickle actually retrieved his parents' ashes instead.

Later, Pickle enlists the Vault Hunters to travel to Sub-Level 13 to locate Pickle's friend Harry and the spacefold inverter he was sent to retrieve. He also seeks the treasure of Rabid Adams from whom he learns that his sister Eliza is still alive.

Pickle is later found on Pandora, having (presumably) migrated there at an unknown point in time after the events of Borderlands 2, where he resides in Sanctuary with the Crimson Raiders, although this is only shown in the opening and ending cutscenes for the Claptastic Voyage campaign in True Vault Hunter or Ultra Vault Hunter modes.



  • Pickle's ECHO #1:
    Pickle: Hello Mum! Hello Dad, sis! I know you're not... coming back, but thought I'd drop you a line anyway. I've had the most AMAZING time since the attack. I've started my own business, finding stuff to sell! You always said I was a scrounger, dad, so at least you were right about that. I'm still trying to sneak into the Drakensburg, get your... stuff back, but it's proper 'ard! The Bosun and his crew are right nutters, and they flippin' hate me now! Truth is, this whole place is scary as anything, but I'm doing what I promised, mum – havin' a brave year. I miss you – there, I said it – but I'm not givin' up. Never.
  • Pickle's ECHO #2:
    Pickle: Me again! I did it! Got into the Drakensburg! I had 'elp from a proper-tough Vault Hunter, if I'm honest. Still, they got in, tore the place up something fierce! They thought I was just after tech stuff – I didn't tell 'em I was there to find your ashes. Took every sneaky trick in the book to get you and dad out, but I did it! Hope you liked where I scattered you both. It's got lovely views of Pandora. I'll try and visit! Still no sign of Eliza. I try not to think about my sweet sis, dead in a kraggon nest. Or worse.
  • Pickle's ECHO #3:
    Pickle: Eliza's ALIVE! That Vault Hunter found some geezer who'd actually met her! I 'ad 'em track her down. I got 'er a message, she came for a visit, we had a catch up – then she nicked some of my best stuff and scarpered! Classic! Means the world to know I've still got family out there! Claptrap says he can get these messages to you... I dunno how exactly, but it's gotta be worth a shot, eh? Maybe it's one of those fings that, if you believe in it enough, comes true.


  • His older sister, Eliza, is briefly met during the mission Another Pickle.
  • Pickle speaks in a thick Cockney accent and makes frequent use of Cockney rhyming slang. However, both he and his sister use it incorrectly, saying the full rhyming term (rather than omitting the second component) followed by the original term that the rhyme should replace.
  • During ECHO broadcasts and on the posters for Pickle Picker, he is shown as having short spiky black hair, while in-person he wears a full helmet that obscures his face.
    • Aside from his ECHO image and in the starting/ending cutscenes of Claptastic Voyage on True Vault Hunter Mode and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, Pickle's face is never seen.
  • Even though Pickle is his last name, during the mission Another Pickle, Eliza still refers to him by his last name, rather than his first name, Davis.


  • Pickle's name, "Davis Pickle" is a dig on Robert De Niro's character "Travis Bickle" in the 1976 movie Taxi Driver.
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