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Darkthirst Dominion is a vast series of Varkid caverns beneath the surface of Pandora that have been dug out from a dilapidated Eridian structure. It is the site of where Hemovorous the Invincible is fought.



Common Enemies

Notable Enemies

Point of Interest

A Tithe for Blood

The entry point of Darkthirst Dominion; a small excavation site containing two vending machines, a Fast Travel station, and a traditional Quick Change station seen at Raid Boss arenas in previous installments of the series. Beyond the site is a large Eridian door that requires 500 Eridium to open; once opened, it will remain open until the area is reloaded.

Past the Eridian door is an Eridian structure that has broken apart and fallen into a cavern of Varkid dens. At the end of the cavern is a slant opening in the wall that acts as a one-way passage to the final area.

The Gorging Gorge

A massive cavern where Hemovorous the Invincible is fought. Fighting alongside Hemovorous is Vermivorus the Invincible and a vast army of various Varkid types. Defeating all of enemies in the area will open an Eridian door leading to an exit-only Fast Travel station.


  • Darkthirst Dominion's area description is "Subject for Speculation".